VTech Baby’s Light-Up Laptop, Pink Review 0

Interactive teaching is not a modern concept but it is a new approach to the interaction between student and teacher. Traditional methods of memorizing after dictation or after reading countless rows of pure text no longer manage to keep young people engaged. Many companies started manufacturing devices that can help teachers with their lessons or even take their place in certain situations.

Infants can also benefit from an educational interactive learning tool. Although usually under constant supervision, kids aged between one and three can also learn new things and accumulate information without parental guidance. Interactive toys such as the VTech Baby’s Light-Up Laptop are perfect solutions for adults with less time on their hands or for children with a very short attention span.

The following article presents the multiple features of the VTech Baby’s Light-Up Laptop, a list of pros and cons as well as a comparison with another similar product. This information comes from numerous tests and helps parents to understand the needs of a developing toddler brain. What’s more, we outline what devices are best suited for kids in the 1 to 3-year age group.


The visual aspect of the VTech Baby’s Light-Up Laptop is tailor made for infants. The bright colors are eye-catching and the different shaped buttons are sure to get their attention. The display is also in color and shows many different fun animations, depending on what the child is doing with the laptop at any given moment.

With the mounted mouse, kids can scroll through letters and numbers. Over 100 different sounds that include songs, pronunciations and full phrases are used in the development of the toddler’s memory. Three buttons are specifically designed to teach musical notes.

The keyboard has six buttons with animal pictures on them, as well as numbers and letters. Each can turn on different functions on the VTech Baby’s Light-Up Laptop. A volume control is also available so that the child won’t get frightened by loud noises and the on and off switch is easy to use. A power saving feature kicks in if the device hasn’t been used for a few minutes and this increases the battery life considerably.

Another cool option on the VTech Baby’s Light-Up Laptop is the Spanish language component. Although not as advanced as interactive toys designed for older kids, this feature still offers plenty of information that infants can assimilate while having fun. Learning a second language is so much easier during the early stages of life so this option is undoubtedly worthwhile.


  • No removable parts except batteries
  • Can withstand some water damage
  • Very bright and engaging display
  • Fun animations
  • Many recognizable sounds
  • Volume control
  • Support for learning musical notes
  • Fixed mouse
  • Bilingual support
  • Funny shaped buttons with images The display is large enough not to strain the eyes of an infant


  • The second language is not customizable
  • The device can break fast if the child starts banging on it hard
  • Requires some supervision at first before the infant can use it alone
  • Can become confusing if the child switches between languages too soon


VTech Baby’s Light-Up Laptop offers many interactive teaching tools for infants in just a single product. It does a great job at keeping kids interested and showing them the basics they need before moving on to a higher form of education. The device can make it easier on parents to teach their children the letters, numbers, and sounds that everyone wants to learn at an early age.

The fact that the VTech Baby’s Light-Up Laptop comes with no detachable accessories makes it a safe toy for infants because they don’t have anything to swallow by accident. Even the mounted mouse is quite sturdy, and there is no chance such a small child could tear it off. All the buttons are large enough so kids can’t miss them, and they are not hard to press either.

Learning a second language at a very young age is very easy and also highly recommended. The bilingual feature addresses just that with interactive animations that infants can follow easily. Translations and word associations are always provided so that there will be little confusion, provided, of course, some supervision and help from an adult is available, at least at the beginning.

VTech Baby’s Light-Up Laptop vs. VTech Baby’s Learning Laptop

We can’t make a fair assessment without a comparison to another similar popular product. The baby learning laptop from VTech is an educational interactive toy alternative to the previously discussed light-up Laptop. It is obvious that the company has experience and desire in producing teaching toys for the early stages, so let’s see how the two products fare against each other.

The baby learning laptop also offers big funny shaped buttons, a mountable mouse, and a volume control. There are many sounds and spoken words that make up essential auditory lessons for the 6 months to 3 years age group. Sing-along songs are available as are a few pictures that can be great tools for teaching infants.

Although both products share some similarities, the VTech Baby’s Light-Up Laptop gets the edge in the display department. There is a bit more variety in terms of tunes and audio aids but it can be a bit harder to use at first.


Extensive testing revealed that although not as easy to start out with, the VTech Baby’s Light-Up Laptop is still the better choice when it comes to interactive educational toys. The bilingual feature and the superior on-screen animations offer more information than the simpler learning laptop from VTech. It requires some additional adult supervision at the beginning but it offers much more in the long run, for the same age group.

The option of starting out small with letters and numbers and progress to words, phrases, and sounds is the perfect way of gradually accumulating information. Having the option to show everything in a second language makes the VTech Baby’s Light-Up Laptop an awesome tool for parents who want to hone their kid’s memory skills from an early age.