Step2 Easel For Two with Bonus Magnetic Letters/Numbers Review 0

Are you looking for a fun and engaging new toy for your toddler? Finding the right toy for your active toddler is not easy because they seem to outgrow their toys so fast. Thankfully, there are several well-made developmental toys on the market that can help your toddler discover things and develop new skills without compromising their play time.

The Step2 Easel For Two with Bonus Magnetic Letters/Numbers is an amazing development toy perfect for toddlers aged two to six.

This toy comes from the house of Step2, the largest American manufacturer of toddler and preschool toys. Their wide range of developmental toys encourages learning in children with the use of creative playthings.

The Easel for Two is a durable and multifunctional toy that can be played solo or with a friend.

If you little one has an artist side, let that creativity come out and greet the world! This 2-sided easel contains one chalkboard and one dry erase board side to induce creative play fun.

This easel is made of durable material so you don’t have to worry if you have fussy toddlers throwing things at it every now and then.

What we like best about the toy is that it engages not one, but two kids at a time and helps them socialize and learn to play together. There are 77 foam magnetic letters, numbers, and signs that your toddler will love to play with and as they play, they will learn to identify them.

There’s also a spacious storage area at the bottom of the board and it can easily hold art supplies like crayons and coloring books. The storage tray can be easily accessed from both sides.

Another amazing feature of the Step2 Easel is that it has clips on both sides to hold the craft or art paper in place so that you can see and draw. The easel can be folded flat and it can be stored away when not in use. It does not take a lot of space.


  • Measures 23.25” x 5.25” x 45”
  • 77 foam magnetic letters, numbers and signs
  • It has a magnetic surface
  • Clip on both the sides to hold craft paper
  • Additional options for painting and drawing activities
  • Special tray to keep art supplies
  • Easy to set up within minimal adult help


  • Every child has an artist within and this lovely canvas gives your little one the freedom to express freely
  • It is the prefect toy for preschool toddlers to develop learning skills. The 77 foam magnetic letters, numbers and signs help them identify alphabets, numbers and different shapes
  • This is a 2-sided easel which makes it a perfect toy for twins to play together. Your toddler can also play with siblings or friends
  • The product is highly durable and does not easily break, even after years of use
  • You can buy the easel for your 2 year old and they can play with it until they turn 6 and maybe even after that
  • The height of the easel is just perfect for your little one to draw and paint. There’s a tray that can be used to hold pencils, crayons, paint, brushes and other types of art supplies. There’s a lot of storage space so your child may even keep their coloring books on the tray
  • The toy helps your child develop motor and learning skills from an early age. They can learn new words by putting the alphabet letters together
  • The whiteboard can be wiped clean with a soft cloth. It does not need a lot of maintenance


There are no disadvantages worth mentioning.


The Step2 Easel For Two with Bonus Magnetic Letters/Numbers is a smart and cute toy for your little one that helps them learn the ABCs and 123s while they are at home. This is a perfect toy for preschoolers and it works just as expected.

The magnetic letters are super cute and they are made of foam so they hold against the board just fine. Overall, the construction of the easel is sturdy and durable for use by little active toddlers.

As there’s so much to do with this Easel (put letters, create words, draw, pain, write), your child will be happily engaged for hours together.