Fisher-Price Kick and Play Piano Gym Review 0

There’s nothing better than a healthy, happy and active baby! The tiny ones have an enormous amount of energy and Fisher-Price Kick and Play Piano Gym gives them the perfect means to put that energy to use.

Fisher-Price toys are thoughtfully created to help your baby have a great time playing and at the same time learn new things.

The best thing about the Fisher-Price Kick and Play Piano Gym is that there’s not just one thing but a host of different items and numerous features to keep your baby entertained while you finish your household chores.

The attractive movable toys encourage your baby to stretch out and kick, and every time the baby kicks, the music plays as a reward for their efforts! The movable toys dangling overhead include elephant clackers, a hippo teether, rollerball frog and many more.

The gym can be adjusted to change modes so that your baby can enjoy four different ways to play this toy. It grows as you baby grows and discovers new ways to play with it.

The arch can be bent down to give your little one tummy play time, or the baby can sit and play on the piano that produces melodious tunes.

The Kick and Play Piano Gym comes with various short and long play modes that have about 15 minutes of upbeat music to invite your baby to have fun. It comes with a power button and volume control for times when you want to mute the music and let your baby enjoy quiet play.

This interactive gym is creatively designed to help your baby grow and develop new skills. Your little genius will be delighted to make new discoveries as they play, and this ensures that they’re never bored with the same things.

It helps in strengthening your baby’s key developmental skills. As the baby tries to grasp the movable overhead toys or stretches and kicks on the piano, it helps in developing gross motor skills. The bright colors and melodious music enhance sensory development.


  • Made of polyester
  • Four different modes to explore
  • Music plays as the baby kicks
  • 5 activity toys and a mirror
  • Movable toys dangling overhead
  • 15 minutes of short or long-play music


  • The arch curves over your baby’s head and hangs the movable toys at a perfect height for them to stretch out and try to grab them, which is a fun sport for pre-crawlers
  • The mirror might not be flattering, but it’s good enough to get the job done
  • The piano plays a wonderful tune when the baby kicks on it, encouraging the baby to do more and more kicking which is a good exercise for them
  • The pad is made from good quality, durable and thick material that can be easily cleaned if your baby vomits on it
  • There are several activities to keep your baby busy for at least an hour so you get some resting time or finish off the household chores
  • The toy can be played in four different ways: lay and play; sit and play; tummy time; take along. It can be used in different ways as your baby grows from a pre crawler to an active crawling baby
  • Music is pleasant to the ears, not too loud to scare the baby and not too feeble that your baby can hardly hear
  • The toys help you baby learn some early development skills—motor skills, sensory skills and so on.


  • The overhead movable toys are loosely hung with just a C clamp and they can easily be taken off, which can be a pain if you have older children at home
  • The paint comes off after a few days, which is not good for your baby’s heath, given the fact that everything goes to their mouth
  • The arch does not fit tightly and it is easily detachable. This can be a trouble again if you have older kids at home


The Fisher-Price Kick and Play Piano Gym has everything it takes to entertain a pre-crawler and keep them engaged for long. Bright colors and good music enhance playtime and encourage your baby to stretch and kick more. This toy can be used in various ways even after the little one outgrows the pre-crawler stage.

When the baby learns to sit up and crawl, they can enjoy playing the piano or take the toys with them on every adventure.  This is definitely a good investment for your baby.