Development Toys for Toddlers 0

A toddler’s mind is like an empty canvas and it gets filled as they explore the world around them. As a parent, it is natural for you to be worried about your child’s proper growth.

From age zero to three years is a crucial period when your child goes through a lot of brain development and the best medium to familiarize them with various thing is through play. Development toys for toddlers are the best way to help them explore the world and develop new skills at their own pace.

Toys and playthings can have a great impact on your child’s development and growth; hence you need consider this when buying toys for your little one. When you walk into a store or visit an online toys site, there are so many different types of playthings available that it’s easy to make an emotional choice.

Tell yourself that you need to control your emotions! Look for toys that will shape your child’s future, not something they will play with for two days and get bored.

So, how do you identify development toys for toddlers? How can you tell which toys are high quality and will last for long?

Below are a few guidelines that can help you buy the right development toys for your child.

Toys that can be used in different ways

Select toys that can be used to make different formations, that can be put together and then taken apart. Some examples are interlocking blocks, wooden blocks, cups, and nesting blocks.

These toys are “open ended,” which means your child can use them in various ways to play different types of games. These types of toys help in shaping your child’s imagination and also help them develop logical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

Toys that encourage logical thinking skills

Development toys for toddlers should give them the opportunity to practice new skills repeatedly without losing the fun factor. These are toys that help children figure out things on their own with a little help from parents.

Shape sorters, puzzles, and play dough help your little explorer develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and be able to figure out how things fit together.

Toys that grow with your child

Toys that will last for a day or two and then lay unused in the toy box are of no value. Look for toys that your toddler can play with for a long time.

Plastic animals, for example, are a good way to familiarize your child with the names of different animals. As your child grows, he can use them to act out interesting stories of the jungle.

Toys that inspire your toddler to imagine

By the time your child reaches their third birthday, they will be able to think creatively and enjoy make-believe games. They may pretend like a king or act like Dad.

You can look for toys that can inspire their imagination and help them act out stories. The pretend play or make-believe toys help your toddler develop problem-solving and literacy skills and the ability to put things together in the right sequence.

Examples of toys that can help with your little one’s imagination are toy tools, dollhouses, dress-up games, toy food and plastic plates.

Toys that look like the ‘real objects’

Toddlers love playing with their parent’s iPhone, laptops, television remotes and other real objects that make our tech world go around. You can buy toys that have a close resemblance to the real smartphones, laptops, remotes and music instruments.

You child will not only enjoy their playtime with these interactive toys but will also develop motor skills and problem-solving skills.

Toys that get your child ready to read

By the time your child reaches age three, they can start recognizing letters, numbers, colors and shapes. You will find development toy for toddlers that make them ready to read and identify alphabets and numbers in a fun and playful way. Examples of such toys are magnetic alphabet letters, books and art supplies.


Development toys for toddlers are thoughtfully created to help your child develop new skills and become familiar with the world around them.

So, the next time you are at the toy store or an online toy website, look for the type of toys mentioned above to help with your child’s development in a fun and exciting way!