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At the moment my four year old daughter has two real loves in life. (After Mummy and Daddy, that is!) They are: reading and Lego, so imagine her delight when we combined both of these in a wonderfully imaginative sensory play experience. After reading the story of Cinderella together, we decided to bring the story to life by designing our own ball gowns for her Lego mini-doll figures. We used different coloured and glittery playdough, together with a variety of sparkly beaded gems and jewels to make this a truly creative play experience. Watch out, Versace: here she comes!

Themes: Clothes, Fine Motor Skills


  • 2 or 3 plastic mini dolls or figures. (We used the Lego mini-dolls.)
  • Playdough – at least 3 different colours.
  • Glitter: I mixed some glitter in to one of our balls of white playdough for some added pizazz.
  • Small beads or any other spangles to decorate the dresses.
  • Playdough rolling pin.
  • Playdough tools (nice to have, but not essential for this task).

Substitutes and Alternatives:

  • Any small plastic or wooden figures would work just as well as the Lego mini-dolls.

Need help sourcing your materials?

If so, we like the following products from Amazon and Early Learning Centre:

  1. Lego mini-doll figures (from the Lego Juniors: Emma’s Ice Cream Truck Construction Set)
LEGO 10727 Juniors Emma's Ice Cream Truck
List Price: £45.97
Price: £39.97
You Save: £6.00
Price Disclaimer

Our greatest discovery was that our daughter loved Lego. Her first Lego set was the ice cream truck from the Lego Juniors range. In fact, it proved such a hit that we eventually had to buy a second set for her brother in order to avoid squabbles over the little, pink truck! The set contains two mini-doll figures, Andrea and Emma, and my little girl just loves designing outfits for them…

  1. Playdough: Play-Doh Mini 10 Pack Set
Play-Doh 10 Pack dough Set
List Price: £19.99
Price: £12.99
You Save: £7.00
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I know that playdough is so easy to make yourself, but there is something truly decadent about the springy squidginess, the unique scrummy scent, and the zingy colours of original Play-Doh. I occasionally buy it as a treat for my little ones, and these mini tubs also make great additions to party bags.

  1. Dough Tools, Cutters And Modelling Tools
Dough Tools, Cutters And Modelling Tools
List Price: £13.99
Price: £10.99
You Save: £3.00
Price Disclaimer
  1. Mini Artist Rolling Pins

Early Learning Centre. Mini Artist Rolling Pins

Suggested Age Range: 4 – 5 years

(Warning: This activity is not suitable for 0-3s as the resources include small parts which may pose a choking hazard.)

Want to extend this theme?

Then check out these links… Cinderella” and “Hippo Has A Hat” book reviews.

What to do:

  1. If you are making your own playdough, prepare this in advance. (See this link to my playdough recipe.)
  2. Set out the resources.
  3. Extend the invitation to play!

Development and Learning Opportunities:

  • Physical development of fine motor skills is promoted through the handling and manipulation of the playdough and the dolls. A good degree of co-ordination and control is needed in the hands in order to manoeuvre the dough around the little dolls and to sculpt it in to shapes and designs.
  • Cognitive development: this task allows for the development of dispositions for learning such as a) little ones having their own ideas and b) being able to choose their own ways of doing things. Give little ones free reign over the creative process by interfering as little as possible. (No criticism or suggestions!)
  • Little ones are engaging in the expressive arts by designing creations for their little dolls to wear. Furthermore, they are exploring a variety of materials and experimenting with textures.


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