Who are we?

We are Lisa and Lynn; two moms to a bunch of cute little kids.  With backgrounds in education and technology, we have combined these skills in our website: kidzplay2learn.com. Our site reviews the best educational toys on the market and offers advice on how to support the children around you in their early learning journey.

Why we have created this site:

As first time moms, we were overwhelmed by the huge choice of toys available on the market. A visit to the toy store often proved daunting as, pacing up aisle upon aisle of toys, we stood clueless and confused; confronted with a multitude of questions to which we didn’t know the answers…Which toy is age appropriate for my child? Does this toy have any educational value? If so, which areas of my child’s development will it enhance? Is this toy worth buying? Are there any reasons why I shouldn’t buy this particular toy? This site aims to answer these questions and make the decision of which toy to buy an easy one. We have a passion for early learning and a belief that a child’s formative years are fundamental to future success in life. Kidzplay2learn.com is a product of that passion.

What we do at kidzplay2learn.com

At kidzplay2learn.com, our goal is to provide you with a “go-to” list of the best toys for babies and young children.  These are toys that the children around us have used and loved. Using this hands-on experience, we then review these products to help you choose the best ones possible for the children in your life. Our reviews focus on the educational and developmental benefits of toys and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each toy. We then provide suggestions on how to encourage play-based, purposeful learning in children; as well as providing activities that have an educational or developmental focus.

How can we provide you with this information for free?

We are a part of affiliate marketing. This means that when you purchase something through a link on the site, we get a small commission. Thank you, in advance, for supporting us as we fulfill our dream of sharing insights on early learning and development.

Please stay in touch…

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at our site. We hope you find this website helpful in choosing the best educational toys for children. If you have any questions, thoughts or feedback then please contact us. We would love to hear from you.